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Make a statement on Facebook or Twitter with a comic! It’ll get more attention than one of those tired old memes that everyone else is posting and reposting. And don’t you think Willy Wonka deserves a break?

Move Over Willie

Comic Strip Factory™ is now available on the App Store! It runs on Macintosh computers (64-bit models) running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

Comic Strip Factory is designed to allow you to create great comic strips, even if you can’t draw. It includes a set of 8 amazing characters from two professional artists, broken down into parts and assembled into poses. Each character has numerous facial expressions and body positions that you can assemble in unique ways to tell your own stories. It allows you to use the preassembled poses, or modify them by replacing some parts, or build your own. You can even modify the parts for your own purposes.

Comic Strip Factory also comes with ten files of terrific comic backgrounds, so you can have great scenery to use as the settings for your stories. From the desert island with one palm tree (the setting for myriad one-panel gag comics over the years) to fields, a forest, a living room, some offices, a restaurant, and more, there are a variety of settings and styles. And both the scenery and the characters come with plenty of related props!

The program has flexible panel shaping capabilities to lay out your story, whether you’re making a one-panel cartoon, a four-panel daily newspaper strip, a larger, more flexible Sunday comic, or a comic book or graphic novel. And it supports multiple pages too. Dialogue balloons are easy to create, and offer several different shapes and styles, including multiple balloons joined together.

You can even bring in photos or graphics from other programs and use them as background art, or mask out the background to mix the people and objects with the program’s comic art.

And those with the talent for drawing comic characters and backgrounds will be able to create their own characters for their own use or to share with other users. We have a very sophisticated vector drawing editor built in to the program, and it’s specially designed for drawing comics so it isn’t bogged down with a bunch of features you don’t understand, won’t need, and don’t use. And yet it has advanced features like clipping to a path, which is better and more flexible than clipping in many professional illustration applications. You can even make shading and highlighting that looks like it came out of a pro’s airbrush.

In future versions, we will introduce an in-app store to give you access to more characters and background art from more artists. We will begin accepting proposals from artists for work to be published on the Comic Strip Art Store soon.

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